I really didn’t need to take part to the latest Geneva Car Show to acknowledge the astonishing success of the one and only type of automobile that seems to attract investments from car manufacturers, to inspire journalists and, most of all, to tickle the fancy of car buyers: the SUV.
it’s hardly a new trend, but in these very recent years it has reached a magnitude that has started to affect the sales of other type of cars, from coupes, to sedans, to MPVs…

In Geneva, one could admire the freshly launched and superb Volvo XC90, the similarly new, but definitely less charming Audi Q7, the just-left-the-press Land Rover Discovery Sport, not to mention numerous other SUVs from Renault, Mazda, Hyundai, Fiat/Jeep and so on…
Urban jungle? Reassuringly raised driving position? Roomy interiors? All of the above, but it is probably due to its capability of bringing together opposite characteristics in one cohesive package: exactly the opposite that more specialised vehicle tend to do, delivering excellence in one area, but falling sometimes short in others.
Probably such intense success will at some point generate a strong renaissance of niche vehicles, mainly for their own specific appeal, think of two seaters or convertibles.
And the topic of ‘missing the roof’, the queen of all SUVs is soon going to face the ultimate challenge, that once created some sort of rare ‘beasts’ like the Nissan Murano or the even rarer Biagini Passo: the mighty Evoque will loose her ‘head’, soon flaunting a canvas retractable roof.
If she’ll manage to succeed in terms of sales, then it’ll mean the SUVs are definitely here to stay…

Land Rover Discovery Sport at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show
Geneva Car Show
Audi Q7 at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show
Range Rover Evoque Convertible at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show