Working with dozens of companies from very different countries and cultures, dealing with heterogeneous business sectors, today V12 Design, in the persons of the founder Valerio Cometti and associate director Marco Generali, has gathered a body of experience and skills considered of great interest by universities and companies.

coaching milano

Marco Generali and Valerio Cometti are increasingly holding lectures, workshops and coaching sessions both in university forums, helping young creatives to better adjust their training courses, and in corporate environments, where the objective is to bring the management of companies that require it closer to the dynamics of the world of creativity and innovation.

marco generali coaching

Marco Generali is a contract professor at the Politecnico di Milano for the disciplines of “design project management” and “design for kids and toys” , as well as a visiting professor at the Lan Tao Culture Institute in Beijing.

Valerio Cometti frequently takes part in training workshops at the firm’s client companies, is a guest at round tables and symposia on the themes of innovation, new trends and creativity, and holds monographic lectures at the Politecnico di Milano, the Design School of the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.

More and more companies are asking for V12 Design’s training consultancy precisely because of the privileged position our studio enjoys, as an observatory of new trends, a crossroads of different cultures and evolving tastes, as well as constantly changing technologies.

No longer just Product Design consultancy, no longer just a communication agency in Milan, no longer just Branding consultancy: Valerio Cometti+V12 Design takes care of the training of managers who want to lead modern and competitive companies.