Wanting to trivialize, the objects of Design are those objects that amaze us because they have a new feature, an unexpected element, which often makes us say “But why didn’t I think of it before?”.

This ability to invent, to make a lateral difference with respect to the conventional and evolutionary path, to break a consolidated convention, is typical of creative thinking, of thinking that does not proceed through successive refinements, but makes generous leaps often in a direction perpendicular to common thinking, to start new, fertile and parallel paths to the course on which all crowd and seize.

This is why companies have always wanted to draw on creativity in the fields of product design and visual communication (Graphic Design and Brand Design). In recent years, however, Design Thinking is spreading in companies, a new discipline that we have been practicing and teaching here at Valerio Cometti+V12 Design for some time.

Design Thinking brings creative thinking to all areas of the company: it is no longer a question of designing a product, pencils can be laid, but of “designing” any aspect of a company’s life. Through the consultancy of Design Thinking, the Milan team of V12 Design helps, for example, companies to design a new business model, helps to identify a new unexplored product sector, helps to use a technology already “at home” to use it in a new field, helps to develop a certain decision-making process according to empathic logic that puts the real needs of the customer at the center.

deep design thinking

Design Thinking helps companies to start a path of deep innovation that must lead them to surprise themselves and their competitors thanks to the choices of breakage, until a real change of meaning of the products. Comparing ourselves for years with companies from all over the world, we have learned how many, sometimes even important, consulting companies work alongside companies proposing a Design Thinking whose final output is a strategic plan that is sometimes too theoretical and far from the real industrial, manufacturing and concrete implementation fabric.

For this reason in V12 Design we coined the term “Deep Design Thinking”, which means a broad, visionary, “disruptive” approach, as far-reaching as Design Thinking, but at the same time refers to the ability of our team of creative, marketing experts, technologists, engineers to help the company in the complete, deep, detailed, technical and reliable implementation plan of the strategy identified in the creative phase of consulting.

Not only walls crowded with Post-its, full of exciting ideas, but if necessary an integrated plan of Product Design, Graphic Design, Service Design, engineering, marketing, all linked by a coherent and unique thought, able to lead the company to the identification of its “Blue Ocean”, an area in which competitors have not yet arrived, engaged as they are to fight each other according to the traditional logic of incremental innovation. Involving Valerio Cometti+V12 Design in Design Thinking consulting leads a company to a profound change that starts from a phase of listening to itself, then the elaboration of a strategy with the real needs of the end user always at the centre, a strategy that is tested and implemented through a capable sequence of conceptual and physical prototypes, up to the improvement of the model conceived.

Design Thinking is an extremely powerful and flexible tool that is proving increasingly effective and Valerio Cometti+V12 Design has the necessary experience to accompany companies along this virtuous and modern path.