Historically creative and designers have lived in two opposite trenches, each accusing the other of not understanding or making complex things useless.

On closer inspection, often by admission of our customers when they take their first steps by our side, these trenches still exist and the path of Product Design is punctually penalized. Valerio Cometti+V12 Design, from its headquarters in Milan, overcomes this opposition thanks to a very deep approach to Industrial Design, if necessary also very technical, which allows creativity to be included in the products of our customers as real added value.

Valerio Cometti+V12 Design is also able to offer the engineering of the products he designs, closing the design circle in an integrated way and offering the Company maximum serenity in controlling the process, time and costs.

Through the years and the many projects developed by four hands, Valerio Cometti+V12 Design has found an ideal partner for engineering and industrialisation in Parametric Design.  The most advanced design and engineering flow entirely within the Creo PTC software platform, creating a single aesthetic, functional and industrial flow of information that is delivered to the customer.

Parametric Design supports the Product Design team led by Valerio Cometti not only with the best tools for Engineering, but also with the most sophisticated tools for numerical simulation, such as Ansys numerical analysis software tools: static or dynamic structural analysis, acoustic or thermal propagation analysis, fluid dynamics analysis, everything flows into the best product definition. Polymers, metal alloys, woods, ceramics, composites or fabrics. Die-casting, chip removal, hydroforming, forging or sputtering. In Industrial Design there are no materials or manufacturing processes of which V12 Design has not gained experience over the years: this experience is transmitted entirely to the project and, therefore, to the client company.

Through this proven team of Product Designers and product engineers, Valerio Cometti+V12 Design is able to assist its customers all over the world by offering creativity, innovation, elegance and personality, combined with the most sophisticated, reliable and appropriate engineering and industrialization solutions: the customer company can focus its efforts on marketing knowing that the team headed by Valerio Cometti will solve all aspects related to the birth of a new product or a whole range of new products.

This integrated approach between design and engineering reduces development times, reduces costs and minimizes rework phases, because the project is born through an organic and continuous workflow, with no tears or changes of direction.

Last but not least, through the hundreds of projects developed, Valerio Cometti+V12 Design has created a network of top-level suppliers who can be put at the service of the project in progress, so that where necessary, the customer company can also draw on the know-how of these suppliers: the excellence of Made in Italy through design overlooks an international stage and international companies can benefit from the renowned Italian manufacturing.