In this world always in a hurry, overcrowded with stimuli and commercial messages, the time allowed to each product and each brand is always less.

The quality of products is increasingly high and it is increasingly difficult for the end user to discriminate the technical and functional characteristics of a given object at the time of the decision to purchase. Even more important is the ability that an object has to represent our lifestyle as users and to tell our personality.

Graphic Design and Brand Design have the function of amplifying and enhancing the story that a brand or a company wants to give of itself: it is the dressing of values, messages, contents that a product, a service, an entrepreneurial group, a company, but also a political party or an entire nation possess. Today, presenting oneself correctly and effectively has become no longer important, it has simply become vital: in fact, we talk about consulting for the development of the most effective “brand image”.

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The Graphic Designers of Valerio Cometti+V12 Design are committed on a daily basis to taking the rich content that our client companies have and inject into their products, bringing them to the surface and under the eyes of the consumer, in the form of coordinated images, catalogues, brochures, packaging, advertising, exhibition stands, showrooms and so on.

It is a question of enhancing the touch-points of which the consumer has direct experience, often even before knowing the Company. V12 Design has as its customers both young start-ups and companies with over 100 years of history, as well as companies with a staff of 20 people and companies with over 50,000 employees, so we are used to transmit to less experienced companies the immense importance of Graphic Design and the right Brand Image, both to assist those with a long tradition, updating the rich legacy of meanings, images and experiences according to the most refined and effective trends, ensuring their longevity and freshness.

The many years of intense activity have allowed us to accumulate very significant and heterogeneous experiences. We are fortunate to think of graphics as an exact science: our team of Graphic Designers bases their vision on a very structured and precise approach, on a patient study of grids and fonts, on an obsessive definition of color palettes, on a masterful execution of vector illustrations and patterns capable of hypnotizing even the most distracted observer.

This rigour inadvertently blends with the art of hand-illustration, which our internal team is able to develop with an uncommon artistic sense.

From our Milan office, the undisputed capital of creativity, our studio provides Graphic Design consulting services for both printing and digital applications. Our action becomes even more effective when the customer involves us in Brand Design projects, for which we are required to conceive and define an entire new brand, often starting from the creation of the name, and then continuing with the design of the logo and then the propagation of any graphic event that the brand has, not least the definition of Corporate Identity, Brand Image and the definition of the DNA of the brand, which can be drawn in the development of the product range and in the design of any commercial and communication initiative.

Valerio Cometti+V12 Design is used to managing the entire creative direction, guaranteeing the brand a coherent, personal and highly recognizable path.

Not unlike what happens with Product Design, even in the case of Graphic Design our team comes from an experience of great value and depth with hundreds of successful projects completed in dozens of different sectors, not only in terms of merchandise, but also by the nature of its business model and therefore tenor of Visual Identity, from B2B to B2C, passing through the increasingly common B2B2C.

Fashion, eyewear, financial services, car manufacturers, the world of food, retail, sports equipment: visual communication in V12 Design has successfully touched the most distant areas, having to reach cultures of great diversity and working with budgets that are sometimes very challenging.

The examples are countless: our portfolio is a collection of successful images and effective stories that we have been able to create for our customers.

We take care of the image and visual story of the most important museum of coffee culture, the famous Mumac that we designed in 2012 and that continues to rely on the creatives of Valerio Cometti + V12 Design to create posters, playbills, illustrations, monographs and dozens of other Graphic Design projects that reflect the great vitality of the museum.

We had the pleasure of creating the image of the first new Greek bank after the dramatic financial crisis that hit the Greek country: an exciting challenge, which had to balance the energy of rebirth with the composure of being well received in the financial markets, without any inferiority complex. We created the name, the image and the personality of the most innovative chain of veterinary clinics in Italy: an ambitious and exciting project that has seen us conceive at the same time characters from comics and interior concepts in a whirlwind of stimuli to be able to give the right Brand Image to a winning entrepreneurial challenge that today takes care of thousands of puppies.

With sincere pride we must also admit that Intesa Sanpaolo, one of the most important European banks, has chosen us as its partner for their Intesa For Value programme: Valerio Cometti+V12 Design was chosen to accompany companies from all over Italy on a path of growth and enhancement in the Coordinated Image, in the creation of the most correct and attractive Brand Identity through which the competent Italian companies can continue on their path of internationalization wearing the best suit.

More and more, the image that a company transmits of itself, its “dress” made of the many graphic elements that it transmits, or rather the Brand Image is becoming almost more important than the product or service that it provides. For some this assumption may seem excessive, but allow us the bland provocation, because without this awareness, companies risk falling back on themselves, strongly focused on their product, but unable to convey such excellence.

In Valerio Cometti+V12 Design, business finds the tailor capable of making the best suit.

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