Cliente: Eptagroup

Anno: 2020

Milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, frozen foods of all sort: hundred of thousands of products are stored chilled by sophisticated “machines” that us consumers so often overlook.
Such machines make sure that temperature, humidity, illumination, ergonomics are all in tight control and make our weekly shopping a safe and pleasant experience.
Behind all this there’s a surprising amount of technology and Epta Group is an Italian company that ranks among one of the largest and most advanced manufacturing groups in the retail refrigeration business.
For us at V12 Design, it has been a fascinating journey in a new sector: a world of in which design and engineering work closely hand in hand in order to reduce energy consumption, display the products in the most attractive manner, provide the most confortable access and, last but not least, create a distinctive and highly customisable look.
The Reticolo system that we designed for Epta Group is complex family of refrigerating devices, all connected by their minimalistic and sleek appearance.
A pretty “cool” project, isn’t it?

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