Client: Frandiss International Co.

Year: 2017

When at the beginning of 2016 we were contacted by Frandiss International, one of the largest and most well-known furnishing groups in China, we knew we had a great opportunity ahead of us.
Since then, Fubao-Frandiss asked us to develop a whole range of furniture and accessories: almost one hundred from chairs and tables to beds, bookshelves and lamps.
The brief was clear: to be elegantly luxurious using the best materials such as solid wood, Italian leather and marble.
Bridging our Italian flavour with Chinese expectations into a sector like furniture in which subjectivity is a legitimate value was a daunting task.
More than one year of intense work, thousands of sketches, hundreds of proposals and then the satisfaction of enjoying the vision of this vast palette of products conquering the high end of the market in China, India and the Emirates.
Together with developing the whole range of products, we had the joy of designing, together with our friends fomr Arkispazio,the main showroom where they will be displayed in their full glory.
This is just the beginning…

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