Client: G2 Automation

Year: 2018

Industrial automation, Internet of Things, mechatronics: extremely modern topics that require sharp skills.

G2 is company that needed to tell its own skills with a new and effective language, translating in images and emotions those company assets such as being able to design the digital brain that manages all industrial processes at their client’s factory.

It has been a very stimulating project, from the logo to the whole corporate identity, as well as the tradeshow booth for a prestigious fair.

In the logo that we designed, the name G2 is translated in a sequence of visual “bits” that represent the characters “G” and “2” in the ASCII code: a refined intuition from our visual communication team, whom delivered the essence of the company’s business with elegance and intelligence.

The whole project has develop with energy and decisiveness, knowing that such an excellent business in this challenging sector ought to have the right “dress” to compete and win.

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