Client: Città della Speranza, Leucos

Year: 2013

Light Your Heart is an event designed and managed by LEUCOS for the Città della Speranza, a foundation created to save children affected by cancer disease. This charity initiative has been done together with ten well known international designers: Arik Levy, Chris Bangle, Flavio Manzoni, Karim Rashid, Jozeph Forakis, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Patrick Jouin, Roberto Paoli, Satoshi Umeno and Valerio Cometti. The brief was to create a pattern on a Great JJ lamp, the iconic floor lamp by Jacob Jacobsen, without strict theme constraints. Valerio Cometti project was a informal and ironic tribute to the project activity and the project management itself, a sort of storyboard of the birth of a new product, illustrated with a simple graphic on the Great JJ one-off.