Client: Gruppo LaCimbali

Year: 2019

In 2012 we had the joy of unveiling LaCimbali M100, an extraordinary coffee machine that simultaneously celebrated the 100th anniversary of LaCimbali brand and set the new standards for high-end professional coffee machines.

Seven years later and thousands of M100 successfully installed in more than 120 countries worldwide, it was time to give this true icon something more than just a facelift. Our friends, the engineers at LaCimbali had come up with new incredible features that deserved a new “body” and in return we wanted to bring the previous design to a whole new level.

Here comes the M100 Attiva: a new mechanical interface, a revised and more expressive“C” shaped logo on both sides, a lower stance and a new light bar that illuminates the brand that more than anyone else turned Italian espresso into a worldwide (although friendly) addiction!

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