Client: Organya

Year: 2021

Wellness is a union of physical and mental satisfaction.
Organya takes care of the quality of the foods and flavors it offers, knowing that this palette of stimuli will satisfy body and mind.
For the brand, we created a logotype that composes the word Organya, with a symbol that is embedded in the capital O. The symbol depicts the brand’s initial, but also represents a bowl seen from above, while the other element becomes a hybrid leaf/pin position, to reinforce the new delivery service and physical store.
From the logo, we then did a 360° redesign of the visual identity, rethinking social communication, packaging, merchandising, staff uniforms, and even the store layout.
The branding design was guided by a common vision: to tell the authenticity of the Organya experience, an experience that combines the rigor of a balanced diet with the satisfaction of a palette of Mediterranean flavors.