Client: Frandiss

Year: 2018

Designing a table is a complex task: ergonomics, materials, visual impact…

If you then think that such Turbine table was commissioned to us by a Chinese furniture company, to be sold to wealthy Asian customers, the challenge becomes even more daunting given the goal of satisfying taste and expectations of distant cultures from ours.

The vast experience in international collaborations that our firm has gained over the years, allowed us to find the right balance between our love for elegant shapes and the client’s expectation for a luxurious and aspirational piece of furniture.

The main support’s torsion is created by the sum of each of the elegantly twisted slats, which are made of aluminum with PVD finish: such torsion gives lightness and movement to the whole table.

The table top is thinner toward the outer edge in order give the table visual ligthness and to match the sense of dynamism that the main support gives the table.

Materials, finishes and superb craftmanship: everything comes together in this project to enhance its ambition.

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