Year: 2021

Over twenty years of design experience, spent in a multitude of technologies, companies, processes, markets, consumer habits, today part of V12 Design’s methodological know-how is condensed into an intense program of seminars aimed at broadening the mindset of our participants towards a more creative, more contaminated, more lateral thinking approach.

By now, many managers, entrepreneurs and managers of many companies, heterogeneous in size and sector, have experienced our training modules such as “Creative Big Data”, “Deep Design Thinking”, “From Empathy to Human Factor” or “Customer Experience”.

Explore below the contents of the training sessions and contact us to book your session here.

Creative Big Data //

Objective: Through examples and case studies we stimulate reflection on the adoption of a creative mindset in the use and analysis of data.

Duration: 120 minutes

Content: data are the fuel of new business models, but as such, in their management are not properly associated with creativity. The union of creativity and numerical analysis represents an extraordinary frontier of which every manager should become aware. Examples range from large companies like Coca-Cola and Deliveroo, to innovative start-ups and to the use of satellite data to make financial investments.

Deep Design Thinking //

Objective: To develop ideas and tackle problems as a Designer

Duration: 90 minutes

Content: Through outstanding examples in different business areas and industries, the participant is introduced to creative design thinking, aimed at radical innovation.

The examples will be both on technologies that have brought innovative impacts in certain sectors, and on companies that have transformed their business model while maintaining the product unchanged, or innovated the experience that their customers live in the encounter and use of the product itself.

From Empathy to the Human Factor //

Objective: In a world in extraordinary change, empathy is a winning tool

Duration: about 60 minutes

Content: Digital transformation, servitisation, customer experience, phygital: labels that hide immense changes, which have in common a tool of rare effectiveness and versatility, empathy. The ability to project oneself into the feelings and expectations of one’s interlocutor is an extremely powerful and transversal tool, and in this brief but intense seminar, even the most analytical minds are accompanied to understand its potential.

The Customer Experience of the Future //

Objective: a change of perspective on a theme of rare relevance

Duration: about 60 minutes

Content: the Customer Experience is an incredibly articulated universe, which requires years of experience and dedication to know how to handle and design it. However, there is an awareness, a point of view that puts at the centre a particular and universal complexity, familiarized with which, the challenge will gradually be more manageable.

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