Year: 2021

As part of our new training plans for managers and entrepreneurs who want to introduce creativity into their decision-making toolset, there are our interactive workshops, based on the co-design philosophy, according to which the participant is the protagonist of the conception and formulation phase of the proposals. Workshops such as “Coffee Digital” or “New Way Of Working” are two examples of original workshops designed by V12 Design and tested with great satisfaction in numerous editions.

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Design Your Own Coffee Digital //

Objective: in a creative role-playing game, participants become teams of entrepreneurs struggling with the creation of an innovative “digital” Coffee Bar format.

The teams will have to create, with the support of V12 Design’s experience in the sector, a physical point of sale that takes full advantage of the potential given by the digital transformation.

In the simulation of a real case, with floor plans and equipment to be included in the point of sale, participants will try to implement digital tools in a sector as familiar as traditional.

Duration: about 5 hours

Content: after a training part introducing the workshop and the context, the role-playing game with gamification component begins. Participants are divided into 4 teams of 4-5 people. The workshop then develops on three main areas of work: the definition of the Storytelling of the point of sale and its raison d’être, the definition of Digital Services to support the customer experience and finally the design of the Digital Communication plan, with the definition of channels and strategy. At the end of the workshop V12 Design highlights the most relevant points and the objectives achieved.

New Way Of Working //

Objective: two teams of the Company will reason on the Phygital evolution of the post-pandemic way of working.

Duration: about 3 hours

Content: the workshop develops from a mapping of the status quo, then moves on to a training review of the most innovative tools for smart working and the new way of working, and then closes with a project phase of redefinition of their daily work in a double dimension of time and space.

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