Client: Plus-t Sagl

Year: 2014 – 2018

Wearable technology, Internet of Things, connectivity, crowdfunding…all very modern concepts, but often misused by those who know them superficially.
Here at Valerio Cometti+V12 Design, we have a lot of experience of those fascinating worlds, given that since 2013 we are in charge of the creative direction of +t Sagl, Swiss high-tech company.
The first product we developed with +t is the revolutionary self-heating insoles +Winter: just a few millimeter thick, this waterproof insole keeps your feet warm just with a click from your mobile phone.
+t brings together the most innovative technologies and turns them in device whose sole goal is to improve the quality of our lives.
To coordinate the activity of such a company requires competence and sensitivity: you need to make sure that technology does not takes the helm of the project and you must constantly keep the end user’s needs in mind.
The new products we are developing with +t are so incredibly fascinating: new medical applications and a breakthrough technology that could have a huge impact in the textile industry.