How does an innovative and successful product come about?

First of all, it is the result of the close collaboration between the Product Design team in Milan of Valerio Cometti+V12 Design and the customer company from the very beginning. With more than 15 years of experience in Industrial Design, more than 500 projects developed in dozens of different sectors for companies belonging to more than 20 countries of the world, the creative team led by Valerio Cometti supports its customers already in the definition phase of the brief document, the document at the base of each project that contains the expectations of the customer company, the technical constraints, the investments allowed, the targets of reference, the ergonomic, logistical and industrial challenges are listed. The goal is to be able to bring innovation and freshness even before taking the pencil in hand, avoiding that the project is based on statements such as “after all we have always done so!”, or “well, all our competitors do so!

Once we have collaborated with the Company to define the best project brief document, our Product Design team starts the consultancy with the research and analysis phase: competing products, companies similar by sector or even just by positioning, market interest, patents related to the given sector, every aspect is monitored and assimilated, so as to enter the project with great depth.

Valerio Cometti+V12 Design is one of the most successful and capable companies in Product Design, able to offer the experience of those who have created winning projects and products in the most heterogeneous sectors: from furniture design to lighting design, from consumer electronics to eyewear, from coffee machines to kitchens, from sports equipment to cars. A lot of experience is supported and amplified by the strong knowledge of the world of engineering and industry: the Product Designer Valerio Cometti, responsible for the style, is a mechanical engineer and has created around him a team of creative, refined and visionary, but with great concreteness and knowledge of what lies behind the birth of an industrial product.

This very profound approach allows our team in Milan to begin to elaborate the first style proposals, associating each single line of the pencil on the sheet with a given manufacturing process, a certain investment, a certain industrial and functional involvement.

In this way, freehand sketches are replaced with great speed and effectiveness by parametric 3D models that our designers create entirely in PTC Creo 4, in order to develop the project in detail, including all the geometric, functional and dimensional constraints delivered by the customer.

Our output are not seductive illustrations by hand, full of pathos, but lacking the necessary degree of realism and respect for the constraints of the project: our output are photo-realistic renderings that illustrate in extreme detail the proposals processed. In addition to these realistic renderings, we can also deliver at the same time the 3D models that allow the R&D department of the customer company to make a first estimate of possible investments and any industrial implications that any design proposal implies: with this approach Valerio Cometti + V12 Design allows the company to make parallel subjective and aesthetic assessments, typically in charge of the Marketing and Sales department, as well as technical and investment by the technical department, the Research & Development department.

In this way, the Company saves time and money, as well as maximizing its decision-making capacity.

Where necessary, if the company does not have its own department, V12 Design can support the customer in all phases of physical prototyping with different degrees of realism and depth.

Once the winning design has been approved, the engineering phase begins, which in most cases is developed by the Research & Development department of the client companies, with the direct involvement of the Product Design team directed by Valerio Cometti. This involvement involves a close and continuous dialogue with the Customer’s R&D managers so that the engineering and industrialisation choices are integrated in an organic and “painless” way into the design, with the declared intention of guaranteeing that the approved style is preserved and reaches the end user with all the emotional and satisfying charge that a successful product must have.

The smooth integration between design and engineering, combined with knowledge of manufacturing processes, are factors of incalculable value for our customers, who in this way save time and money, minimizing design rework and eliminating errors during product development downstream of the style and design approved.

Hundreds of thousands of new products every year seek to meet the needs, desires and dreams of an increasingly distracted, fast, and hasty world. The possibilities of entering into the mind and desires of the market are increasingly fewer and more difficult to pursue: design and creativity are the privileged tools to which the most capable and innovative companies are increasingly resorting.

To be able to make a lateral difference, to produce something unexpected, to amaze the market with authentic innovation are objectives within the reach of good Design, Design that creates value and that also innovates in respect of the environment. Hundreds are the examples we could give about our Product Design services.

We designed an entire collection of over one hundred (yes, you read it right!) furnishing accessories for an important Chinese group: this collection was designed for the new generations of wealthy Chinese who often studied and took their first professional steps in Europe and the United States, thus developing a taste between their Chinese tradition of visual richness and ornament and the most rigorous and minimal forms of Western furniture.

Successfully devising such a large corpus for such a specific target, apparently far from the background of our team, has been a source of great satisfaction: obviously the team of Valerio Cometti+V12 Design has developed the ability to put its creativity at the service of the customer’s brief, accumulating such a wide experience that it has been able to satisfy very specific requests with creative advice of an international and intercultural nature. And the fact that the first product that our client has made its debut on the market immediately won the important Chinese Golden Wing Award, has shown us the goodness of the work done…

Another very interesting experience was the collaboration with the prestigious brand of kitchens Bertazzoni, authentic Italian excellence, which has quickly become a reference point for taste and performance in North America.

In commissioning the design of the new generation of the two most important models in its catalogue, the Company showed us how the focus of the entire project would be on the United States and Canada markets, with all the expectations, specific ergonomics, desires for “muscularity” and perception of strength so dear in the States… The project, therefore, could only start with a trip to California, going to take concrete vision of the market, the distribution channel, the direct competitors, the various “sales records”, the various prescribers of kitchens, whether they are interior designers, developers or architects.

Having become directly aware of the path that our project would have to take to reach the goal and the homes of many American lovers, we then went deep into the habits and manufacturing capabilities of Bertazzoni, so that the project would not only be compatible with them, but rather enhance and exalt them. The prompt and decisive commercial success of both ranges of kitchens that we have redesigned and the RedDot Award received in 2018 have once again comforted our Product Design team and also, rightly, heartened the customer for having chosen V12 Design.