The word “design” evokes the virtuous use of pencil and drawing tools. It is undoubtedly a correct association, but by now it has become a reductive association.

Today, companies have to “draw experiences”, where experiences indicate the whole series of points of contact, services and interactions that the end user makes of the brand in question.

The objective is to make the brand, in its entirety, irresistible and coveted just as the products were once: buying a mobile phone today you do not just get an electronic device, but you enter a world of services, communities and opportunities, all literally “designed”, or conceived with careful planning, which puts the tangible and intangible needs of the user at the center.

service design

Modern banks are often an excellent example of successful “Service Design”: from the traditional function of storing and lending money with a single and traditional point of contact, or the bank counter, today banks open up to us savers with new, flexible channels, which are in our pocket, giving us services once unimaginable. All this is “Service Design”: from designing the new form and function of the branch to identifying new services of loyalty, of “engagement” of the customer who must tend to see the bank as a flexible, open and never difficult.

Service Design consultancy requires great multidisciplinarity and experience: the staff of Valerio Cometti+V12 Design combines marketing, communication, strategy and, of course, product backgrounds in order to offer Service Design the same expertise that is offered in Product Design and Graphic Design.

The principles of Service Design, rigorously applied here in V12 Design, require the need to design everything, to design the whole of the experience, not to remain focused only on the product or only on a phase of the value chain.

The Service Design team in Milan led by Valerio Cometti has helped client companies over the years to design new strategies of assistance for their customers or new experiential paths in their stores, or even new methods of telling the story of the product through their sales network: results of great effectiveness and highly appreciated by the management of companies that have commissioned us the advice.